Summer Camp in 2012 will be at the Ransburg Scouting Reservation in Bloomington, Indiana.  A rough map of the camp is here.  The current activity schedule (link copied from Ransburg site) can be found here.  We will be at the Oaks campsite (bottom left of map when held upright). They have a large number of merit badges and other activities that Scouts can do.  Below is a list gleaned from the activity schedule (bold items are merit badges, plain items are other activities). Badges that we couldn't do at Friedlander last year include Personal Fitness, American Heritage, Animal Science, Athletics, Aviation, Chemistry, Dog Care, Electricity, Energy, Engineering, Geocaching, Horsemanship, Model Design & Building, Nuclear Science, Oceanography, Robotics, Rowing, Sculpture, Sports, Veterinary Medicine, and Water Sports. Note that some of those are also available at Merit Badge Challenge. Some of the badges appear to be only 2-3 days on the schedule as opposed to a full week for most, and are followed by (M-W) or (Th-F). Some badges also require that Scouts be 13 and above, denoted by (13+).


Swimming Lifesaving Rowing Canoeing Small Boat Sailing Motorboating (M-W, 13+) Watersports (13+) Instructional Swim Open Boating Open Swim Mile Swim (conditioning) Canoe Trek (by troop or patrol) Troop Swim

Eagle Quest

Tenderfoot Second Class First Class Totin’ Chip Firem’n Chit Paul Bunyan

Field Sports

Rifle Shooting Shotgun Shooting (13+) Archery Personal Fitness (M-W) Sports (Th-F) Athletics (M-W) Fishing Orienteering Mountain Biking (13+) Intramurals


Leatherwork Woodcarving Metalwork Basketry Art Model Design & Building Sculpture Fingerprinting (Th-F)

High Adventure

Climbing (13+) Open Climb Adults (M/W) Open Climb Youth (M/W) C.O.P.E. (13+) Low C.O.P.E.


Nature Weather (M-W) Mammal Study (Th-F) Bird Study Insect Study Soil & Water Conservation Forestry Fish & Wildlife Reptile & Amphibian Study Oceanography

O.A. Area

Indian Lore American Heritage Troop Leader Training


Horsemanship Animal Science (M-W) Vertinary Medicine (Th-F) Dog Care Ransburg Wrangler Trail Rides


Camping Wilderness Survival Emergency Preparedness Pioneering First Aid Geocaching

STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Environmental Science Space Exploration Aviation Astronomy Archaeology Geology Chemistry Energy Nuclear Science (recommended 13+) Robotics Engineering Electricity